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3 definitions by Chrisso.Australia

Shitmatism - Ability to cause a trance like state when talking absolute bullshit to someone...!
"You should have heard that guy over there...! He was so convincing with his verbal bullshit, the woman he is talking to is in a complete state of Shitmatism...!
by Chrisso.Australia August 04, 2009
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tonsilities - A Mother who has just been diagnosed with the medical condition tonsillitis - At the same she has many responsibilities.

Extremely contagious through Facebook texting...!
Mother on Facebook - Grrrrrrr I have tonsilities again....!!!!!

Mother's freind response - ME TOO!!!!
by Chrisso.Australia August 06, 2009
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Expodential - The spiraling cost of childrens dental needs...
My poor daughters teeth are in such a state, the dentist informed that the cost to fix them properly will be very Expodential...
by Chrisso.Australia August 04, 2009
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