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a person who's entire life is influenced by the capitalist media. Always on top of fads and trends. These people usually look down upon others of underground cultures and independent thinking, labeling them as uncool. Total assholes.
Over commercialized fucks listen to Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay, watch a lot of reality TV and MTV, wear Aeropastle and American Eagle, shop at IKEA.
by christw October 18, 2006
1. Take out food from a Chinese restaurant
2. A song by The Adicts

Woman: I don't feel like cooking, let's get Chinese takeaway

Man: Lazy bitch


Chinese Takeaway is one of my favorite songs
by ChrisTW January 24, 2008
Having bad B.O. People with odor issues are in in desperate need of a bar of soap and warm water.
Dude, that kid has some major odor issues. He needs to be thrown in a shower.
by christw October 18, 2006
An over-rated junkie who played the guitar like shit.
Jimi Hendrix is such a douche man. Needs to go back to the cotton farm and play the banjo.
by christw October 18, 2006
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