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The jiggle of on man's man-boobs, also known as moobs. This is when one walks, jumps, and/or moves.

This could be in the form of a jiggle, a girthquake, a shake, bounce, or a wiggle.

Through this process many people might be disgusted and run away from this fat piece of lard.
A Moobshake could occur when an obese man dances to a Britney Spear's song.
by ChrisRyan January 24, 2009
The Noob/N00b of Noobs/N00bs. This is because if you haven't noticed, in videogames, the princess is always stupid and makes the main character do all her work! So if there is a person EXCEPTIONALLY stupid or lame the proper term is, Noob Princess.
When a person askes what 2 + 2 is, that person would be a "Noob Princess."
by ChrisRyan January 24, 2009
Rapid shaking of objects in direct interaction with fatness. Obese people tend to cause this natural disaster by jumping and/or walking. May be known as the rumbling of the ground caused by obese people.
When an obese person jumps and hits the land, the rumble that occurs is known as a Girthquake.
by ChrisRyan January 24, 2009
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