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while taking a poop, you find yourself forcing too hard, and pinching off small turds, resulting in chopped logs
well the other day I was pooping but I was in such a hurry I started forcing and boy did I start chopping logs
by Chris13 February 02, 2008
When engaging in sexual intercourse with an oversized female, and the male member misses the female genital region, and enters a sagging layer of excess skin
awe jees her bellybotton was full of my load last night, cuz I missed her vagine, and landed it in her drooping blackhole
by Chris13 February 02, 2008
When you become very sexualy frustrated to the point that you will "do" anything, so you stick your dick into the toaster and turn it on, leaving your dick toasted and burnt.
I was so bored I started toasting my noodle, it was AWESOME
by Chris13 February 02, 2008
to perform the nasty, to have sex
we went back to my house, put on a little music and did a little naked dancing
by Chris13 February 02, 2008
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