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Large/oversized nipples. Indicative of, but not limited to pregnant women.
Bitch, I don't want to see your baby latched onto your sewer caps while you breastfeed in Ukrops.
by Chris G June 11, 2004
1. A womanizing man who hits on a gay man's female friends.
2. Slang used in homosexual communities for the epitomy of a straight man; a ladies man.
BACK OFF STRAIGHTY, she's with me.
by chris g October 26, 2003
This is the slang version of the phrase, "I don't know?"
iono ho, r u a boi or a grl?
by chris g October 26, 2003
another word for Haters. ppl who are jelous and envious of other ppl.
That H8tr trippin cuz my chain bigger than his.
by Chris G March 15, 2005
1.) Synonym to hot, lusty or sexy. (The other "t" is an emphasis to the word.)
2.) Used as a banal compliment with teenagers who lack substance.

1.) Persons who contrast out pictures of their face with Photoshop.
OMG ur user pix r hott! xoxo *KrYStLe*
by chris g October 26, 2003
A very speacil and hard to perfect technique that involves pretending that your asleep on a person. This is a technique that is used for picking up girls
Come on James pull the sleeper
by Chris G March 18, 2004
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