5 definitions by Chris Rowe

The best meat in the world
hmm, i love my haslet
by Chris Rowe September 27, 2004
a bra for men
That guy has some big ass man tits. he needs a manzere
by Chris Rowe September 20, 2003
Googleitus is a syndrome of excessive visits to Google and its servives. Sufferers find themselves constantly refreshing their GMail window and frequently checking their Google Reader and Google Calendar just incase something has happened.

This can vary in it serverity from a few clicks per day to many clicks per hour.

Variations exist such as Flickritus, Breakitus, ebayitus
User1: What are you doin mate?
User2: Just checking my GMail again!
User1: AGAIN? Thats like the 100th time today?
User2: Its more than that I think!
User1: I think you have Googleitus
by Chris Rowe May 16, 2006
i love amy page
as in my girlfriend cause she is the bestest thing in thw whole wide world!
my names chris rowe and i love amy page
by Chris Rowe March 11, 2005
Part Exchange usually used when refering to cars
Do you want a new car?
Yeah i might p/x
by Chris Rowe December 27, 2007

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