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3 definitions by Chris Odegard

1. n. A real-time strategy game created by Bungie, the same fine folks who brought us Halo and the Marathon series. While Bungie no longer supports the game, it still has a thriving, tho small, community, which can always be found on Playmyth.net

2. v. To play Myth, esp. Myth II

Also see hoor.
Chris likes to myth on the weekends.
by Chris Odegard May 16, 2004
A character from the online forum at Thecomputerpub.com, most known for his constant eye-rolling and offensively conservative rhetoric.
Phred's eyes are going to roll out of his head one day.
by Chris Odegard May 16, 2004
1. A person who is overly concerned with his/her rank or points.
2. A person who plays too many ranked games, esp. WW2
3. Anyone who plays Recon more than ten times a day.
Twix is such a rank hoor. He never plays reg.
by Chris Odegard May 16, 2004