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4 definitions by Chris Nelson

Don't Talk about FightClub......
RULE #1----Don't Talk about FightClub......
by Chris Nelson January 18, 2005
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Ryan Dunn from jackass,jackass the movie,cky1 landspeed,cky2k,cky3,cky4 latest and greatest,and haggard..and hes in those steve-o movies but those were gay..
Did you see cky3 were bam tells random hero to jump front of a car...It was fucken crazy..
by Chris Nelson February 04, 2004
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police or law enforcment
i was fo shizzle the yozzle was gonna keep me down like all us black wizzles
by Chris Nelson June 30, 2003
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when a person shows up to offer unsolicited and unneeded assistance and advice.
overly and annoyingly helpful.
sometimes you just want to be alone then out of nowhere you get karstettered
by chris nelson October 20, 2004
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