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1. To masturbate on webcam (so called because Leslie Grantham was caught in his Eastenders dressing room doing just that)

2. To generally be a sexual deviant in an unpleasant manner (we can thank both John Leslie the British TV presenter, accused of some nastiness to one Ulrika Jonsson, and the aforementioned Leslie Grantham for this usage)
I was idly browsing some webcam chatrooms today when, much to my disgust (though not surprise), I caught my friend Chris Doing A Leslie from his pad in France.
by Chris Meme October 29, 2007
Body Off World Of Wrestling

A girl who is particularly sturdy in stature.

(pronounced bow-wow)
Rich: Man, look at that chick. She's built like a brick shithouse.

Chris: Holy mother, she's a bowow and no mistake.
by Chris Meme August 16, 2008
The bubble it is possible to blow with semen from any orifice, but most commonly post fellatio (the word is a contraction of cum bubble).
Lying back in post-coital euphoria I couldn't help but smirk at the line of cubbles across my loved-one's top lip.
by Chris Meme October 29, 2007

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