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2 definitions by Chris McCabe

A city 25 miles south of Boston. According to its water tower, Brockton is the "City of Champions." The title is most accurate if you consider thugs and drug dealers to be champions. Brockton has a rich history and all the conveniences of a bustling city but is generally feared by surrounding white communities.
Example 1.

"Next on Fox News - another gang-related murder in Brockton."

Example 2.

Person A: My boyfriend is from Brockton.
Person B: Honey, you can do better than that.
by Chris McCabe June 04, 2005
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This versatile word would require an entire dictionary for itself to accurately describe all of its many meanings and uses.
"What up doogan?"
"Not much, just doogan' it."

"My doogan ate my homework."

"Suck my doogan, bitch!"

"You're making a doogan out of a molehill."

"I just dropped a 15-inch doogan."
"What the doogan?! That can't be healthy!"

"I hope you're raped in public by a pack of savage doogans."

"Let's stop at Dunkin Doogans for a cup of joe."
by Chris McCabe June 21, 2005
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