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Usenet: A large number of posts uploaded about the same subject.
Hey did you see the flood of DragonForce MP3s on newsgroups the other day?
by Chris J Pisarczyk June 24, 2005
A high speed connection at or less than 512kbit but more than 192kbit.
I don't want sub-broadband, I want my speeds in the megabit range!
by Chris J Pisarczyk May 10, 2005
A fucking moron who is on his little war against Umber somehow, reasons unknown.
Riiko, get a life you overused pokemon!
by Chris J Pisarczyk April 13, 2005
Also known as Scystorm pissed off
Woah, Scy is PMSing again is he?
by Chris J Pisarczyk May 01, 2005
alt gaming nintendo pokemon hentai
We can all thank Lando for posting the url here to AGNPH which lead to the humilation and bandwidth overload from SA's site.
by Chris J Pisarczyk April 14, 2005
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