11 definitions by Chris Ord

A greeting , mainly used by older members of the community in North East Mining communities,latterly bastardised by younger members of the community to signify the achievement of the physical act of love,when such topics are discussed in a public house etc.
"I told her to get up stairs , pull her nighty up,and I gave her What Fettle"
by Chris Ord August 31, 2006
Waterproof smear left by an untidy toilet user(usually on a virgin train)which starts below the rim and inexplicably continues and survives intact beneath the waterline.
Some ones fitted a log effect tile in that public conveience
by Chris Ord August 31, 2006
Testicles,nuts,colloquial North East
Come here and Ill kick you in the Stotts
by Chris Ord August 31, 2006
Pants,Underpants North East colloquial.
Im touching cloth,Ive shit me crackers
by Chris Ord August 31, 2006

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