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Lead singer to KoRn. Rock God of our generation. Father of a new sound which is unique to KoRn.
"Jonathan Davis is God."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
take a shower.

Etimology: from Distortion Language. Came from rearranging the first letter of the first word and the first two of the second. rearranging the letters of words in some phrases is common in Distortion Language.
"We'll leave right after I shake a tower."
by Chingon December 15, 2005

To be high or drunk. Most popularly referred to Marijuana.

Etimology: From Distortion Language.

"Migz is blazted again."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
A form of spanglish and other made up words used widely in the Miami Lakes and Hialeah areas of South Florida. Founded by two brothers Andre and Migz Arellano circa 1998 and since then it has spread to the local scene in said area.
"Most teenagers in Miami Lakes and Hialeah now speak to each other in distortion language."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
Noun. refering to one's fat. Mostly belly fat.

Etimology: From distortion language widely used in Miami Lakes/Hialeah.From spanish massa, which is what you get when u add water to flour which is used to make tortillas.
"Would you like to grab my mass and shake it like there's no tomorrow?"
by Chingon December 15, 2005
Too early.

Etimology: from Distortion Language. conjunction of too and early.
"Damn, there's nobody here. I think we're twirly."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
Adjective (oo-ee)

Somebody that does something annoying and makes u hate them for no apparent reason. Such as a weird face or a particular catch phrase. Some people might think the "wazzzaaaa" thing from scary movie is "uy."
"I hate when that lady comes in, she always does something uy."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
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