10 definitions by Chingon

To be explosive is to have and/or provide people with drugs or alcohol.

Etimology: From Distortion Language which is widely used in Miami Lakes/Hialeah. Comes from the word blazted thus the provider to the person getting blazted is explosive.
"Dood, I need to get blazted. Are you explosive?"
by Chingon December 15, 2005

To eat. Coming from a "distortion" language widely used in Miami, Florida. Mostly the Hialeah/Miami Lakes region. A from spanish "Tragar."
I'm hungry, do u wanna trag something?"
by Chingon December 15, 2005

Used as a form to say goodbye between friends.

Etimology: Distortion Language. Used instead of "later."
"alright see u tommorrow, latter."
by Chingon December 15, 2005

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