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Monkey metal is junk metal. Usually lots of cheap zinc and aluminum.
WTF? These wrenches I bought at the dollar store are bending like I'm Uri Gellar?

You wanker! Everything metal there is made of monkey metal!
#mazak #stainless steel #iron #metal #zinc #diecast zinc #junk
by Chimpogen December 07, 2005
Mazak is Magnesium Zinc Aluminium alloy, aka diecast zinc, monkey metal
Like, dude, all the metal parts on my hookah I bought on eBay are like turning all grey and crumbly, WTF?

Word! Everything you buy there is so jank... buy a clue man, that crap isn't silver, it's Mazak.
#zinc #monkey metal #junk metal #alloy #jank #metal
by Chimpogen December 07, 2005
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