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GAC: acronym for 'guilty as charged', used on several occasions in 'Cougar Town' series one, episode seven
Jeez just been in the can and there's an eight-ounce floater-who did'nt flush?
A hand went up....'GAC' said the shy girl
by chilli ring November 06, 2009
traditional drinking game for males, where contestants try to dislodge a piece of cheese from a primed mousetrap using only the penis.
What a bender last night- drunk as skunks and playing chase the ace, followed by a few rounds of Alabama mousetrap! those cats where howlin'
by chilli ring November 12, 2009
when a girl holds her cunt lips open for you
good strip club?
real good- the girls were showing pink
by Chilli ring November 04, 2009
red-hot anus, after getting rimmed by a eater of hot curry. The opposite of Chilly ring
That asian girl's nice and kinky- she milked my nuts and gave me a chilli ring
by chilli ring November 05, 2009
Mulderism: an expression used by Fox Mulder of X files fame
"how do you define normal?' -was that a question or a Mulderism
by chilli ring November 05, 2009
guy who marries a girl abroad and brings her home so she get's a green card
Hey Dave you going on holiday this year?
Why yes, as a cunt jockey I shall be visiting Thailand and bringing something back- thanks for asking reverend
by Chilli ring November 04, 2009
ha-sip ha-sip :Thai/ English expression means 50-50
Is that a girl or a guy?
hmmm... ha-sip ha-sip
arggh ladyboy!
by chilli ring November 07, 2009
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