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boy: man im hungry as fuk...

girl: well get sum to eat !!!

boy: imma get a whataburger

girl: MMMMM... i love that

boy: yea i kno but der to high
by ChikaFina May 16, 2010
two face, undecided, wishy-washy, to choose the most convenient side
person 1: yo ma fave nba basketball team are the chicago bulls...

person 2: damn foreal !?! they outta the playoffs

person1: fuck dat! im wit mavs now!


person 2: dude, i saw the game last nite and yah team lost

person1: wft! mavs lost !?! hell no im wit the lakers now!

person 2: U sum Wagon Hopper. Whoever wins ur on dat.
by chikaFina April 30, 2010

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