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l'auto du cambode derives from experiences of transportation methods in cambodia, it is used to describe any transport that contains shoddy seats made of shelves, animals or a surplus of urchin children or shrouses. du cambode can be used as a suffix to a variety of words to declare that they are substandard or generally awful
eg. famile du cambode essay du cambode phallus du cambode
we rode from the port to calais on the l'auto du cambode
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 16, 2006
A Rebecca Riot derives from when lots of welsh people dressed up as womento have a riot and not be attacked when storming over mountains; its contemporary meaning refers to what your hair looks like whilst travelling in humid climates, or the morning after you backcomb it in a misguided attempt to emulate Robert Smith from the cure.
Oh my God look at her Rebecca Riot, has she never seen a hairbrush?
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 24, 2006
Milky Pudding Syndrome :A syndrome occuring in children aged 4-19 whereby their parents overfeed and overprotect them, using milky puddings as a cure for all ailments, locking them in a room and spraying them with anti-bacterial spray, whilst assuring them thay they are the best child ever; as a result the child/young adult becomes introverted, narcisstic and has a pasty complexion (often grows up and listens to emo music)
'The milky pudding syndrome child was having an outrage on the l'auto du camdode'
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 13, 2006
Devonia is geographically where the modern devon resides. However Devonia is more of a syndrome than a geographical location, although it does predominantly effect those residing in devon. Symptoms include: Impossibly slow walking, inability to answer a simple request with talking about the weather and Ted Hughes, being a jobsworth and trying to arrest unsuspecting 15 year olds for wearing barbie tee-shirts
That policeman was from devonia
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 24, 2006
A Jobsworth is somebody, usually who works for the government who gets paid minimum wage yet takes their job as seriously as if they were working for some secret military organisation. The common jobsworth is usually found working for the Devonia police force, however a more rare and more dangerous type of jobsworth is found working for London Transport or as Security guards at rock music venues in London. These are more dangerous as they usually originate from countries with secret police, mafia and fascist regimes and therefore guard their miniscule amounts of responsibility with their lives
The scabbing jobsworth wouldn't let us stay for the after party, we were manhandled out of the venue.
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 24, 2006
Although it has various meanings, it has evolved in the colloquial of Devonia to be a description rather that an action. Generally relates to something that is unbelievably shrousing or ridiculous
look at the outrage of her!
by ChiffonsandEyeliner January 24, 2006

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