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4 definitions by Chieflickalottapus

Manipulating your partner to have sex with you after initially getting rejected.
John: Babe I wanna have sex.

Janet: Not today I have a headache.

John: Thats Okay. I'm going to happy hour. I'll be home late, don't wait up.

John: (to himself) Reverse Fuck-ology. Works like a charm.
by chieflickalottapus December 31, 2010
A sex position in which the man holds his partners legs in the air and fucks her in the ass while she walks on her hands.
Steve: I just gave Shannon the lawn mower.

Raymond: No way. Did she enjoy it?

Steve: Her asshole is fine but, her wrists are a bit sore.
by Chieflickalottapus December 31, 2010
Much like the standing 69 except it is the woman that holds the man upside down while giving and receiving oral pleasure.
Oneal: Last night was fuckin' awesome, I did The Standing 96.

Simon: What the fuck is that.

Oneal: Look it up on Urban Dictionary Dumbass.
by Chieflickalottapus December 31, 2010
Ramming your girlfriend in the tail pipe so hard that she shits on your dick.
Raymond: Dude I fucked Lola in the ass last night.

Oneal: Awesome, was it good?

Raymond: It was till I got some Sexual Chocolate.
by Chieflickalottapus December 31, 2010