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1. A group of software whose source code is available to the general public for the purpose of improvement, modification, etc.
2. Any software released under the GPL, LGPL, or other open source licenses.
3. The stuff that makes Bill Gates' life sad.
Linux, Apache, MySQL, and plenty else is open source - and it's all good stuff.
by Chicken Licken August 06, 2003
1. A call to rebellion or agitation.
2. To rebel against authority or to agitate.
In recent years, the first ammendment rights of Americans have been eroded - don't put up with this! Raise the fist!
by Chicken Licken August 06, 2003
A person who is very poppet-like, exhibiting signs of poppetism. Very cute and cuddleable, somebody you would like to protect.
That Tamsin she is such a wee poppetface
by chicken licken March 24, 2012
1. An exclamation of exasperation of a sexual or other-genderly nature;
2. An exclamation of exasperation used in connection with the other gender;
3. An exclamation of exasperation used when speaking to a member of the other gender.
BUAH! You're my f**king girlfriend, you're supposed to back ME UP, not HIM!
by Chicken Licken August 06, 2003

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