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A very succesful boy band. Made up of 5 very hot guys. After they broke up, they went on to lead promising solo careers.
It is too bad that Dream Street broke up.
by Chicka May 18, 2004
An elite group of crime fighting hero's...kinda Charlies Angel-ish!
Chicka Chicko Chicky Chicklet Chick-a-dee
Best of friends...no wait...family!! Always got ur back!

Boiz come and go...But THE CHICKS will last forever!!
by CHICKA January 03, 2004
A slang word for cunt that some "azn" people use to try to be ghetto. Very dumb sounding.
Oh em gee!1 If Jace dumped meh, that would lyke suk so much cundi!!1 I'm Alex, I roX!
by Chicka January 01, 2005
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