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Tamil word for ass.
<i>Onodu cundi perisha eriku</i>. (your ass is big)
by Sway March 29, 2005
To slap another on their backside in a fit of childish rage and excitement.

Once landed, the person to connect must raise hand in a claw like manner and shout 'cundi'!
He screamed in excitement after connecting with his bottom and bellowed CUNDI, as the reciever crouched defeated, grasping his behind.
by sowide April 04, 2007
A slang word for cunt that some "azn" people use to try to be ghetto. Very dumb sounding.
Oh em gee!1 If Jace dumped meh, that would lyke suk so much cundi!!1 I'm Alex, I roX!
by Chicka January 01, 2005
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