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Long haired sexy slacker
That dude is such a LordEwok.
I want to be more LordEwok like you.
by Chibi February 16, 2005
Galendur is one of the hentaicrew on NF. The youngest too. 13. This makes him det most loved member, 'cause we like to act like old aunts, pinching his cheeks. Naked. Rolled in strawberry. Also knowns as "Nytelsesgomp".
by Chibi December 10, 2004
v./n./adj./adv.The word snevil can mean anything, the only limit is your imagination! Sometimes used when confused about the word that should be there.
I sneviled yo momma!
Yo look at that snevil!
by Chibi August 10, 2003
Obscuroque. He is a nice person. Nice. Very nice. I like having radiator-related fluffy-sex with him. Yes.
USE THE PINKU! I like things that tickles me.
by Chibi December 10, 2004
Background? Typo. So now I live in his hair. He has secks with Henning. I film them. Fun to watch.
Heh. Na. Nana na. Nande? Yay. Wo hoo woo.
by Chibi December 10, 2004
Are is the secks. Like radiator-related handchainsex. Also known to feel up Keito. Yay. They are funny.
Are, do that thing you do so good! THE PINK ONES!
by Chibi December 10, 2004

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