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eliteness personified
OMG its lokii
by chia September 01, 2003
A badass in AC
Chia is a badass
by Chia March 15, 2003
A really good religion that is worth to follow but sadly most of the followers are either dumbfucked or fucking plain stupid. They expect everyone to agree to what they say, enjoy what they think is nice and then happily joining them as a Christian. Most of them lacked interpersonal and marketing skills.
Devoted Christians are very much like:

A fuckin persistent salesman that boast how great the product that he's gonna sell to you without any solid proof and insist that you buy his product without doubt. He's gonna sticked to his selling skills 100% even though no one is impressed with it coz he thinks that those that do not believe him are corrupted by Satan.
by Chia May 10, 2005
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