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A rapper from Hayward, California known for his grim and frightening portrayal of urban street life in his music. He was first discovered by rapper Too $hort, and garnered much respect from late rapper Tupac Shakur.
Spice 1: "A touchin scene niggas screamin in the rain
Looked in his homeboy's face
His homie said his name
Now he'd be lookin for that nigga with the Gat and
Ready for that Redrum
With the face of a desperate man"
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
Ghostface Killah is a rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He is probably the most avant-garde MC on the planet, with lyrics that evoke the greatest imagery and some of the most clever punchlines and metaphors of all time. He's very exciting to listen to and is mostly known for his album "Supreme Clientele" released in 2000.
Kid: "omg, DJ UNK is duh bestest wrapir evar! walk it out walk it out!!"

Hip-Hop Head: *smack* *hands him a Ghostface Killah CD*
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
The cousin of RZA and Ol Dirty Bastard. One of the founding members of the Wu-Tang collective. Known for his volatile style and a nearly unmarred flow. His debut solo album "Liquid Swords", is hailed a classic by the hip hop community.
GZA is a class A emcee.
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
A flaming homosexual writer known for The Importance of Being Earnest and an assortment of witty quotes and phrases.
Oscar Wilde: "I kissed each one of them in every part of their bodies. They were all dirty and appealed to me just for that reason."
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
Ca$his is a rapper signed to Eminem's record label Shady Records. He is a member of the Gangster Disciples.
Ca$his: "Pistol play ricochet, see where the victim lay
Slumped over bleeding J.F.K
Hays K to your chest plate cave"
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
A grime English rapper from North London. He's one of the greatest battle emcees and won a MOBO award in September 2005 for Best Hip Hop Act, having defeated The Game and 50 Cent to get there.
Sway DaSafo is going to put the UK on the map.
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
One half of the Mobb Deep hip hop duo. Quite possibly one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time as well. Known for some gritty beats and meeting Prodigy by means of robbing him at gun point in Queens.
Havoc is among hip hop's greatest stars even though he is largely underrated.
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007

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