4 definitions by Chevy G

the greatest german teacher that ever lived that never actually taught german
herr heyen of la cueva high school in albuquerque new mexico rules
by Chevy G March 24, 2005
someone or something pertaining to the confines of being lame to an extreme extent
reading is lamestreme
by Chevy G March 22, 2005
the phrase responded when someone attempts to hit your testicles and fails to do so. generally pronounced in a hispanic accent.
ball-hitter "BALLZZ, DAMN I MISSED"
person whose balls were to be hit "no siir"
by Chevy G March 22, 2005
the largest city in the fifth largest state in the union. cut by a river sadly named "Rio Grande" and enclosed the east by a large 10,000 foot mountain range penned "Sandia" or watermelon mountains. containing a large hispanic and native american navajo population.

also known as "The Burque" or "La Mierda" which is spanish for "the excrement"
get the f@#$ out of La Mierda as soon as possibly man
by Chevy G March 23, 2005

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