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3 definitions by Chet von Wilkinson

A person who is way into weed; a studious, scholary devotee of marijuana.
Person 1: "Does Royce smoke weed?"
Person 2: "Are you kiddin' me? Royce is just about the most serious weedist I know!"
by Chet von Wilkinson April 25, 2009
a neighborhood grocery story that caters to black people and which carries types of food and other items that black people typically purchase.
Hey Dante, go down to the negrocery store and buy me a pack of Kools.
by Chet von Wilkinson June 16, 2008
"Gentleman's Relish" (n), syn "duck butter". A smelly, warm, wet film comprised of sweat deposits, dead skin, water, pubic hairs and similar miscellaneous detritus that collects between the male scrotum and thigh.
Jane could smell Dick's gentleman's relish a mile away.
by Chet von Wilkinson November 29, 2006