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5 definitions by Chet Overall

Music played and written by the musicians themselves.
John Coltrane wrote, produced, and played his own true music.
by Chet Overall May 23, 2006
23 1
an inconsidorate girl that is more or less, in the lower status and is an "easy", but is quite an asshole.
"Hey" "You want to go get something to eat?"
"Sure, but your paying full"
"Yous ain't nothin but a low, down hoochie bitch"
by Chet Overall December 06, 2004
22 11
A person who is associated with the fancy, or often wears really fancy clothing.
"Hey Fred"
"Oh, Hi Mitch"
"Seems as though, you are enjoying your dandy pants"
"Why yes, they are of some fancy"
by Chet Overall February 01, 2005
9 5
This word is a mix of saying dandy, which is a flower in the summertime, with a taste of delicious.
Michele, you look absolutly dandalicious!
by Chet Overall February 23, 2005
2 0
It means you have to take a shit.
"I just laid a 4 foot loompay in the john!"
by Chet Overall February 24, 2005
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