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A roller hockey move similar to the Toe Drag where the player attempts to drag the puck by the toe of his stick past an opposing player.

The key difference between the Toe drag and Toe Turnover is that the Toe Turnover is performed by a poorly skilled defensman (usually the last one back) and results in a change in possession of the puck that invariably results in a quality scoring chance for the opposition.
Joe - You're the last one back Anthony don't toe drag it.
Brian - Crap! Another Toe Turnover.
by ChesterCheetah77 February 04, 2010
1 - Someone that parks as close to the store as possible.

2 - Someone that parks too close to the car next to them.
1- Steve- Why are you such a close parker? It's no big deal to walk a little.
Jamie - Because it's too cold outside.

2- That close parker better not have dinged my door.
by chestercheetah77 February 07, 2010
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