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11 definitions by Chest

the red coconut. One with a red head. Kinda like carrot top, in Espanol, but hes a nut
Hey, coco rojo, what's up asshole?-
Coco Rojo is back in town.
by Chest June 20, 2003
5 2
Like a mid sex session energy drink for chicks, they love that shit!
Want me to send you some!
by Chest August 03, 2003
27 35
usually two women together, rubbing snatches. But I have heard it in the singular.
Ma'am, could I please have a Furburger with a side of THIGHS. Yum Yummmmm
by Chest June 16, 2003
11 30
To give a young lady a coating of fresh, sticky man paste.
You ready for the icing bee-atch?
by Chest August 03, 2003
103 136