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Ability to play a musical instrument. From the slang term "chops" for jaw, it originally referred to singers and perhaps wind instrumentalists. It eventually grew to include any type of instrument, though it is mostly used for instruments in more popular styles. (That is, you're more likely to hear about Eddie van Halen's chops than Yo-Yo Ma's.)
I love listening to Jeff Beck. That guy has some serious chops.
by ChemicalCastration August 05, 2011
To reach a point where gradual progress is no longer possible and stagnation is likely, where advancement can only be achieved by a sudden, difficult, and possibly risky leap up to the next level
I'm worried about Joe. Without a college degree, he could reach a plateau in his management career.
by ChemicalCastration February 13, 2010
Gotcha; shortened form of the phrase, "I just psyched you out!"
You: I thought you said this cheat code would let me walk through fire. Me: Psych!
by ChemicalCastration February 24, 2011

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