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Something some people do.

They heat up an object, usually metal, and burn their skin. Usually in signs, pictures, or word. Generally extremely depressed.
Im gunna go home and burn for a while.
by Chelsiiii April 29, 2007
1.) A move you perform on a skateboard where you kick your board just right to make your board do a flip.
Dude! Taht guys kick flip was so sick!
by Chelsiiii April 29, 2007
Its another genre of people, music and personalitites.
There can be a lot of definitions for emo, depending on how you personally look at it.

A majority of people believe it is a classification for music. Mostly the music will consist of very emotion lyrics and lots and lots of guitars. Expect screamo.

If you believe it to be a type of person they will generally wear black with black or unaturally colored hair usually with choppy layers and bangs. They generally wear shoes that are checkered, black, and are usually doodled on. Ex. VANS, Converse, DVS, Etnies, DC, and NSS

Emo personalitites are sad and mopey. Usually they cry, maybe not in front of anyone, but they do. Sometimes the cutor burn to relieve stress. Poetry.Drawings. Anything atristic.
That kid looks emo.

That music sounds so emo.

That kid acts all emo.
by Chelsiiii April 29, 2007
1.)I eat cat
2.)I eat pussy
A mexican perv walks up to you and says "Yo comer el gato"
by Chelsiiii April 29, 2007
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