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8 definitions by Chelicopter

1. A lesbian child. 2. A young dyke 3. A female child who dresses like a dyke, assuming she will grow up to be a full-grown dyke. (tyke: meaning a young child.) (dyke: meaning a lesbian, often boy-ish or manly.)
Dyke 1: Awh, what a cute tyke dyke playing with her little girlfriends.
Dyke 2: I remember my tyke dyke days.
Dyke 1: That little boy is staring at me.
Dyke 2: That's not a boy, she's a tyke dyke.
by Chelicopter September 05, 2010

1. A lesbian booty. The booty, or buttocks, of a lesbian woman. 2. A word that combines the words "lesbo" and "booty" together. (A "lesbo" is a shorter term for "lesbian.")
Lesbian 1: "Hey! Where the hell is your lesbooty? Melissa Ethridge and Tegan and Sara are performing a secret show here at the gay bar!"

Lesbian 2: "Calm your lesbooty down! I'll be there in ten minutes!"
by Chelicopter July 24, 2010
The study of lesbian women and their behavior, sexuality, and lifestyle.
Chelsea: Oh no! I've got a lesbiology final exam tomorrow morning and I haven't even hit the books yet!

Brianna: Don't worry. I'll take you to a lesbian bar tonight. That's all the studying you need to ace that final exam.
by Chelicopter July 26, 2010
Another word for vagina. (Based from the word, vagitarian, one who strictly eats vaginas. Vagitarian comes from the word vegetarian, one who strictly eats vegetables.)
Lesbian mom: Eat your vagitables everyday so you can grow big and strong! Like a real dyke!
Vagitable Ad: One bottle of vagitable juice contains 8 servings of vagitables!
Chelsea: How did you lose so much weight? You look great!
Olivia: I became a vagitarian.
by Chelicopter October 20, 2010
1. A queer hipster; putting the word queer and hipster together.

2. A snobby lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) individual who enjoys indie or underground music, frequents coffee shops and bookstores, shops at thrift stores, wears Toms shoes, big-framed glasses, cardigans, turtle-neck shirts, blazers, fedoras, carries around old-school cameras, watches Wes Anderson films, arrogantly spews out their philosophies, etc.
The quipster took off his fedora, grabbed his Polaroid camera, and took an angled photo of a tree while listening to his iPod playing a band you've probably never heard of.

Girl 1: Oh my gosh! I love Tegan and Sara! They're an amazing band.
Quipster: I liked Tegan and Sara before they were cool and mainstream, which makes me cool. You're so lame. Everyone is so lame.

Lesbian 1: Dude, check out the cute dyke in the vest!
Lesbian 2: You mean the quipster playing the ukelele and harmonica?
by Chelicopter May 15, 2011
To be a lesbian woman and to annoy or irritate someone at the same time.
Jessica: Do I lesbiannoy you?
Chelsea: Yes, you do! You texted and called me a billion times today!
Crystal: What'd you think of Jessica, Chelsea? Wasn't she cute and friendly?
Chelsea: Are you kidding me? She was so lesbiannoying!
by Chelicopter July 27, 2010
A name that is typically given to the lesbian viewers or fans of the "My Little Pony" show or franchise.
lesbo + pony = lesbony

("lesbo" derived from "lesbian")
Fangirl 1: "But you're a lesbian! You can't like girly stuff like 'My Little Pony'!"
Fangirl 2: "I'm a lesbony, bitch."
Fangirl 1: *mind blown*
by Chelicopter August 25, 2011