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Some times Chef-Thaaanng,Depending on the level of chefness in the kitchen.
A Chef full of supercoolness.
Oringinated in Suffolk,UK the chefting has been becoming amazinger by the minute.

Usually used as a term of endearment from one chef to another.
Chef1: Heyyyy Cheftingggg Wasupppp???
Chef2: Aw yano chefting,things are cool!
Chef1: Great we've Got loads in tonight,so lets whack some cream in that and get it heated.
Chef2: Fo`Sho chef ting!
by Chefting October 04, 2010
To be pretentious,small and crushable.Suffering from little man syndrome.
similar to the small guy from sponge bob square pants.
PLANKTON,but also incorporating Monkfish.
Because Monkfish is what we want.Being a Drongo is what makes us want Monkfish.
Also Monk...to be a holy silent man in brown robes but still plankton.
Hey look,it's MONKTON Banker!
by Chefting October 04, 2010

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