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if this word is used to describe a relationship it will be a good one and last a long time.
you're amazinger then me/him/her.
by doode2938439084504956 March 27, 2011
Some one that is better than amazing, someone that is "too much" , better, always right .
Amazing, better, right , amazinger
by Thewordguy June 15, 2013
Something or someone who is way way way way more amazing then others.
BEN is amazinger then the other ben at the grocery store! the other ben is so not amazinger which gives him a name that isn't capitalized.
by the person who is a person February 12, 2012
A word used to describe any work by manga artist Go Nagai, meaning that it's cool and overall amazing. Comes from the title of one of his popular works "Mazinger Z". Could also be used to describe dynamic or abnormally spiky sideburns, as most of Go Nagai's characters had them.
"Getter Robo, Devilman and Cutey Honey are all Amazinger."
by Koji Kabuto September 15, 2011
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