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The belief that something bound is good to happen.
Person 1: "Hey, my partner said they've been fantasizing about BDSM and wants me to tie them up. I'm not sure I'm into that."

Person 2: "You should try it. You know what they say, 'Something bound is good to happen!' "
by Chef Dionysus2 July 11, 2012
The game system that a small child is *actually* playing, as opposed to one that they *think* they are playing, when you give them a controller that is not connected to anything.
Player 1: Jane, come over and we can gank some scrubs on Call of Duty!
Player 2: I don't think so Wendy, your kid gets upset when she doesn't get to play.
Player 1: Don't worry about that, she's like, 4. I can just let her hold a spare controller and she can play the pretendo!
by Chef Dionysus2 November 16, 2013
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