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A parody video game system to Nintendo featured in an episode of Nickelodeon's Doug.
Dude, like let's totally play Pretendo.

Awesome possum, dude, but you're totally ruining my life!
by El Peinado January 19, 2005
west coast term. Better then stress but not as good as chronic... or SHITTY ASS CHRONIC or BOMB ASS STRESS

can get a 8th for about 10 or 15 dollars
ayo i dont got much money so ima just get some pretendo
by burn out April 23, 2005
The game system that a small child is *actually* playing, as opposed to one that they *think* they are playing, when you give them a controller that is not connected to anything.
Player 1: Jane, come over and we can gank some scrubs on Call of Duty!
Player 2: I don't think so Wendy, your kid gets upset when she doesn't get to play.
Player 1: Don't worry about that, she's like, 4. I can just let her hold a spare controller and she can play the pretendo!
by Chef Dionysus2 November 16, 2013
Pretend Endo, very potent Stress with a high similar to Chronic.
That's some bammer weed, where's all the pretends (pretendo) at?!
by Robert Munoz March 08, 2008
fake, weak, not very potent weed. a parody of Endo.
i know a lot of ya'll niggaz out there think you smokin' dro, but you actually smokin PRETENDO!
-young buck
by boom boom b July 28, 2004
A cheap rip-off "Nintendo" console/device that plays Nintendo or Nintendo-esque 8-bit games. Usually comes in extremely cheap packaging, is never found in retail stores, and runs on AA batteries with A/V outputs on the device.
dude 1: Dude, go play your Pretendo and shut up.
dude 2: I'll kick your ass at a game of Pac-Man...
dude 1: Mario Brothers.
dude 2: You're on.
dude 1: Well, as soon as you find it in this list of 76,000 duplicate games...
by Falcon4 October 07, 2006
Some one that thinks they know what they're talking about when it comes to video games or High Tech gadgets.
Max is such a Pretendo he said that the "Gravity Hammer is what all the Pros use". When everybody knows that Grav hammers are for Noobs.
The only reason Matt took Comp Tech was to play games and watch clips of last night's football game.
by Tyler Mahon October 17, 2007
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