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Disgusting and busted. It's busted, nasty, lame and disgusting to the power of 10.
That brown sweater Anthony is wearing is disgustabust.

I saw his disgustabust hairy belly hanging out of that tank top.

I thought he was cute but it was just the beer goggles; turns out he's disgustabust. I hope no one finds out he tea-bagged me.

Her beef curtains are disgustabust.
by Cheetopudding February 05, 2009
When one defecates what appears to be a passel of brown snakes.
Excuse me, I just drank a big cup of coffee and now I have to go make snakes.
by Cheetopudding August 05, 2008
A salutation/farewell used mainly among stoners, hippies and wannabe hippie douchebags. Frequently used by moronic devotees of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK).
Namaste, friend! Have you ever tripped acid while on a yoga retreat?
by CheetoPudding August 09, 2007

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