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Rugby dick occurs due to extreme cold or by ur dicks "6th sense" detecting possible injury to come while playing any outdoor sport in the cold. You have achieved "rugby dick" when your dick shrinks to the size of one of your testicles, or when you are able to piss on your own balls. This can also be used as an excuse for having a tiny cock in the locker room.
Fraser: "Woahh, watch where you're swingin that cashew nut!"

Allan: "It's cold out there gimme a break"

Fraser: "Aaah, got a bit of rugby dick going on I see, no worries, I won't judge you on your size"
by CheeseyDickFart May 10, 2009
An erection induced by sheer boredom. This usually happens in a school/work situation when your dick makes brief contact with the inside of your leg.
Maths was so boring today, I hit a bore-ner and couldn't get up to write on the board.
by CheeseyDickFart August 11, 2009
A pussyshart is a disgusting, more violent version of a common "pussyfart" experienced only by the most sick members of society. A pussyshart is an expulsion of trapped air and shit from within a woman's poonani flaps. "How the fuck did the shit get in there?!" you may be asking yourself, please see - space docking.
"Yo, how much to let that hot girl over there pussy shart in your mouth?"

"Shiiit, you're fucked up man, that's just sick..." *runs away crying*
by CheeseyDickFart May 11, 2009

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