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Cheesepig is a versatile word used to describe someone, including a friend, stranger, or enemy. It can be used endearingingly, negatively, or observationally . It is a lot like dude,in that, it can be used in a lot of ways, in different situations, to describe someone, something someone does, or something about someone.
1)Hey don't be a Cheesepig! You are not staying home again this weekend, everyone is going out tonight, and you are coming with!

2)That Cheesepig just went into the 10 items or less line, with over 50 items!
by cheesepig February 18, 2011
Someone who is driving so badly or recklessly that they are either driving while text messaging, or are from Texas.
Watch out for that blue car two lanes over, the guy is Tex-Driving.
by Cheesepig February 18, 2011
A word describing someone or something who is ill-intentioned, a jerk, rude, detrimentally stupid, dangerous, hazardous, a douchebag, or just plain mean.
1) That farker almost ran me off the road!
2) That farker just bit me!
3)You are such a farker, you kept me waiting outside, for you, for over 2 hours!
by Cheesepig February 18, 2011
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