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A Buffalo Nickel is a piece of dookie stuck to the back of a toilet. Usually caused by explosive diarrhea. Derived from the small pieces of feces that stick to to the hair on a buffalos ass. Not to be confused with skid marks from a flush. The Nickel part of the word is used to describe the usual size of the spayed fecal matter.
Aww man I flushed 3 times and the Buffalo Nickels are still there.

Dude I can't find a clean shitter they have Buffalo Nickles all over them.
by Cheese1983 September 07, 2012
A stinkwalk is what you do when you come out of the bathroom after taking a dump only to realize the smell is still lingering on you. You walk briskly to remove the odor sometimes fanning your shirt in and out to expedite the process. Usually used when with a closed crowd.
Hey man make sure you do a stinkwalk when your done in there, that chick your talking to is hot.
by Cheese1983 September 07, 2012

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