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3 definitions by Cheese Burger

An unnatural combination of two unlikely constituent elements, the result of which should not exist. From _The Simpsons_.
How can you mix red wine and gin? That's an octoparrot!
by Cheese Burger September 16, 2008
19 4
a feeling of impending doom that manifests itself as physical discomfort in the stomach region.
"What's the matter, James, eat too many tacos?"
"It's not that. Thinking about what I'm going to say to my client is giving me such doombelly. Gah!"
by Cheese Burger November 23, 2008
2 0
The condition of having had some special unique interest or proclivity, and then discovering that it has just been featured in media or elsewhere; the ensuing realization that in fact your interest was not unique, but in fact others just like you were pursuing it as well; the revelation that the interest you thought was unique was merely a reflection of the spirit of the time.
"Did you hear that Garrett got zeitgeisted again? He just launched that blog about vintage (somethings) a month ago, and there was a pictorial about the exact same thing in the new Wired Magazine!"

"Poor guy."
by Cheese Burger November 23, 2008
5 5