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The ultimate ladies man that very well may be an advanced sex robot sent from the future to siebinate every woman on earth. Upon sexual contact with the ladies, he will take them to sexual heights they have never reached before, a sexual nirvana if you will, and leave them begging for more.
Siebinator, with vodka soda in hand, was out on lady hunt Thursday night at the Foundry. When the ladies found out who he was, the place was shut down, and a line of ladies went out the door for their turn with the Siebinator.
by Cheekzilla March 20, 2004
1. Jeff Binder, due to his massive size and musculature.

2. Jeff Binder in the act of having sex, aka beefing.
Beef just beefed the shit out of that chick beef style (on her back, one leg carelessly thrown over the shoulder).
by Cheekzilla March 20, 2004

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