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5 definitions by CheeZy

Mother I'd Like to Fuck
'look, theres a MILF!!!'
by cheezy November 07, 2002
127 92
Usually used in conjunction with "pwned".

opwer is a mispelling of the word power, often mispelled by excited koreans on battlenet, or by anoying nerd h4x0r wanna-be's

I have teh opwer!
Your opwer level is teh suck.
by CheeZy July 23, 2003
1 0
can be used for anything.
SCUBA and bigM aint got shit on my jeeoonk ya heard nigga...
by cheeZy April 18, 2004
0 2
The WB's version of the 6 million dollar man. Only with a more limited budget and called "The $60 brotha"
by Cheezy September 30, 2003
4 15
the act of taking one's time
boy is creeping like a cadillac
by cheezy March 26, 2005
29 58