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Mother I'd Like to Fuck
'look, theres a MILF!!!'
by cheezy November 07, 2002
Usually used in conjunction with "pwned".

opwer is a mispelling of the word power, often mispelled by excited koreans on battlenet, or by anoying nerd h4x0r wanna-be's

I have teh opwer!
Your opwer level is teh suck.
by CheeZy July 23, 2003
can be used for anything.
SCUBA and bigM aint got shit on my jeeoonk ya heard nigga...
by cheeZy April 18, 2004
The WB's version of the 6 million dollar man. Only with a more limited budget and called "The $60 brotha"
by Cheezy September 30, 2003
the act of taking one's time
boy is creeping like a cadillac
by cheezy March 26, 2005

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