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Another word for Sorry
bill: im Soz
ben: Tis okies
by Checken April 15, 2008
another word for ok e.g. OKies,YOYOYOYO
Bill: you alrite
Ben: im gd
Bill: Okies
by Checken April 15, 2008
Lol but in a different way
by Checken April 15, 2008
A Little Chav (Normal a Girl)
Boy: You a Urban Smurf
Girl: If you say it again ill SHank you
Boy: You can't even reach my ankles
Girl: GGGGGGGRrrrrr , Ill bitch Slap you in a min boio
by Checken April 15, 2008
The person that the Butt Monkey Follows
Rob: Come here Gail
Gail: ok do you want anything
Rob: Get me Sweets NOw
Gail: OK right away
Rob: Gail is such a Butt monkey
Bob: And your the King Butt MOnkey
by Checken April 15, 2008
Jooken means joke but in a cooler way
Tia: i had your mum
Chris :huh
Tia: Jooken
by Checken April 15, 2008
the 5 second rule is for Chairs, so if you get up another person has 5 second to take your chair
Bill: drinks anyone
ben: Beer please
Gail: tea
Ron: Coffee
Rob: Lemonade
Bill: okies
Rob: 5..4...3...2...1..0 JAcked
Bill: wat you going in my chair
Rob: 5 Second rule mate
by Checken April 15, 2008

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