11 definitions by Checken

Cool but in a different content
chris: coolio
gail: watch ya
chris: it means cool
by Checken April 16, 2008
Another word for Shit but spelt Different
Bill: Oh Sheet i dropped my burger
Ben: HAhahahaa
by Checken April 15, 2008
If food drop on a clean surface it takes 4 seconds for the germs to get on it
bill: Oh sheeet i dropped my burger on your kitchen floor
Ben: ITs ok i clean the floor today
Bill: i aint eating it
Ben: 3 Second Rule
Bill: oh yeah
Ben: and Extra Flavour
by Checken April 15, 2008
Oranges but really i said you should be honoured but my freind miss heard me lwels
Chris: you should be honoured
Rachel: Wat did you just say Stupid Oranges
Chris : NO
Rachel: LWels
by Checken April 15, 2008

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