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3 definitions by CheckMate

"Hi" in Arabic. You could say "ASSALAMU ALAIKUM" as well
A: Salam.
B: Alikum Al Salam.
by Checkmate January 30, 2007
Normally women of a mature age out having fun who wouldn't even be bothered with some of the lowlife scum.
Hey shes a milf, no shes stale meat, still I bet she wouldn't touch you with a forty foot barge pole.
by CheckMate October 01, 2012
a person that uses superior logic and reasoning skills (instead of physical intimidation) to bully an unwilling party into doing something
"I outsmarted her into lending me Modern Family Season 1 on DVD, when she really didn't want to. Does that make me a cerebrully?"
by checkmate August 21, 2012