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a predetermined date of where 3 secretaries of the united states military branches gather and put their name in a hat to decide who will take office if the president is assassinated. one name will be picked and most likely will be ray Mabus which is the name "Mabus0" which Nostradamus predicted to be the last antichrist who is the secretary of the navy who of which has several friendly ties to middle eastern leaders (good and bad). there are 7 Russian nuclear bomb cases missing with bombs in them. who would want bombs like that in the first place? and if Mabus has ties to the middle east and if "you know who" has the cases and if Mabus becomes president and put that together and there you go. you have yourselves a disaster in plan. but it may not occur until a couple days perhaps a month after Mabus is in office
terrorists, betrayal, destruction, January 19,2011 disaster
by Chazzmaster November 03, 2010

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