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A game show on NBC in which contestants open cases that have various amounts of money in them. If they select that case, that amount is not in play. Then, the "Banker" calls host, Howie Mandel, and gives the contestant an "offer" based on what amouts are left.
Are you going to watch Deal or No Deal tonight?
by Chase April 26, 2006
Noun: Synonymn for money.
Verb: to give money
Noun: I need help because I am broke!
Verb: I helped the poor.
by Chase November 07, 2003
1. A Breif period of rain.
2. A term used meaning to clean oneself under a stream of water.
1. Bob: Did it rain?
Joe: No, it was just a shower.

2. I need to take a shower.
by Chase April 26, 2006
1) A synthesizer made by Oberheim
2) One the best trance songs ever
Did you know that Sasha's "Xpander" was named after the Oberheim xpander?
by Chase February 28, 2005
To make illegal; outlaw
The United States illegalized alcohol with the 18th Amendment.
by Chase March 20, 2005
chode juice is juice from a chode and or blood from a chodlebug chode juice is a nasty sticky juice
go lick some chodejuice or
eww i just put my hand in that chodejuice
by chase December 31, 2004
adj. describes video game scenes that are violent, or awesome

It was given to us by fascist senators and uptight parents that are too busy to pay attention to what their kids watch and play and so much as look at the warning labels on the games that until recently were enough.
Unreal Tournament 2004 looks so killographic!
by Chase December 10, 2003

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